Conference program


Day I, Monday, September 17th 2007


Opening ceremony

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 10:00-11:00  Room: B (Segal)



Coffee break

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 11:00-11:30 



Plenary Session – I

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 11:30-12:30  Room: B (Segal)

Chaired by: Ljiljana Trajkovic

Numerical Solutions of Non-Linear Integral-Differential Equations for Ferromagnetism

Anthony Arrott (Simon Fraser University)



Electronic Circuits – I

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 14:00-15:00  Room: A (1520)

Chaired by: Hiroo Sekiya (Chiba University)



An Ultra Low-Power High-Speed Rail-to-Rail Buffer Amplifier for LCD Source Drivers

Jun Pan, Zheng Liang, Wei-Lun Huang and Yasuaki Inoue


Improvement to the Condition for Oscillation of Cross-Coupled Sinusoidal Oscillators

Ahmed Elwakil and Khaled Salama


 [WIP] A Neuron Circuit Model with Smooth Nonlinear Output Function

Yosuke Yamashita and Yuichi Nakamura



Cellular Neural Networks – I

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 14:00-15:00  Room: B (Segal)

Chaired by: Hikaru Mizutani (Shonan Institute of Technology)



An Adaptive Cellular Nonlinear Network and its Application

Heinz Koeppl and Leon Chua


A Stability Condition for a Simple Type of Two-Dimensional Discrete-Time Cellular Neural Networks

Hajime Hara, Tomokazu Ogura, Toshio Asano, Tetsuo Nishi and Norikazu Takahashi


 [WIP] Wave Phenomena in Cellular Neural Networks Using Two Kinds of Template Sets

Junji Fujii, Yasuteru Hosokawa and Yoshifumi Nishio



Communication Networks

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 14:00-15:00  Room: C (1425)

Chaired by: Michael Small (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)



Modeling of TCP/IP Congestion Control Mechanism with Queueing

Stefanos Politis and Paul Curran


An Efficient Routing Strategy with Load-Balancing for Complex Networks

Takayuki Kimura and Tohru Ikeguchi


Trajectory Tracking Control for Video Streaming Application

Zitoune Lynda, Mounier Hugues and V`eque V'eronique



SS - Consistency and Synchronization I-1

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 14:00-15:00  Room: D (1600)

Chaired by: Kazuyuki Yoshimura (NTT Corporation)



Consistency in Driven Nonlinear Systems

Atsushi Uchida, Shigeru Yoshimori and Rajarshi Roy


Consistency in Artificial Chaotic Spiking Neurons

Tomohiro Inagaki, Hidehiro Nakano and Toshimichi Saito


Control of Spatiotemporal Intermittency by Parametric Resonance

Noriko Oikawa, Yoshiki Hidaka and Shoichi Kai



Electronic Circuits – II

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 15:20-16:40  Room: A (1520)

Chaired by: Keiji Konishi (Osaka Prefecture University)



White Noise Generation with Chaos from Phase-Locked Loop Integrated Circuit Module

Tetsuro Endo


Superstable Phenomena of 1-D Map with a Trapping Window and its Application

Yusuke Matsuoka and Toshimichi Saito


An Analysis of Second-Order Sigma-Delta Modulator and its Application to AC Load Monitor

Keita Hayashi, Hisato Fujisaka, Takeshi Kamio and Kazuhisa Haeiwa


 [WIP] A Circuit Design for Compact Sigma-Delta Domain Multiplier

Tsubasa Katao, Keita Hayashi, Hisato Fujisaka, Takeshi Kamio and Kazuhisa Haeiwa



Cellular Neural Networks – II

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 15:20-16:40  Room: B (Segal)

Chaired by: Heinz Koeppl (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)



DT-CNN Based Resolution Enhancement of Images Using Cycle Spinning

Takefumi Konishi, Tsuyoshi Otake, Hisashi Aomori, Nobuaki Takahashi and Mamoru Tanaka


A Method of Edge Detection Using Small World Cellular Neural Network

Masaru Nakano and Yoshifumi Nishio


A Neural Network System to Adjust a Strain of Patterns

Hikaru Mizutani



SS - Mobile Communication Systems

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 15:20-16:40  Room: C (1425)

Chaired by: Hiroyuki Yashima (Tokyo University of Science)



Adaptive Transmission Power Control for MIMO Diversity Employing Polarization Diversity in OFDM Radio Access

Tutomu Ohno and Iwao Sasase


Reduction of Computational Complexity Using Interference Cancellation in Maximum Likelihood Receiver for SDM Systems

Takahiko Saba and Jun Konishi


Frequency Offset Compensation Scheme Using Soft Interference Cancellation in Reverse Link of MIMO-OFDMA Systems

Masaki Ogata and Takahiko Saba


Efficient Channel Estimation Scheme for Pulse-Shaping OFDM Systems

Bayarpurev Mongol, Takaya Yamazato and Masaaki Katayama



SS - Consistency and Synchronization I-2

Date: Monday, Sep. 17th  Time: 15:20-16:40  Room: D (1600)

Chaired by: Kazuyuki Yoshimura (NTT Corporation)



Multiple Basins of Consistency in a Mackey-Glass Electronic Circuit Driven by Colored Noise

Hoipang Yip, Satoshi Sano, Atsushi Uchida and Shigeru Yoshimori


The Analysis of Phase Coherence of an Ensemble of Uncoupled Limit-Cycle Oscillators via Averaging of a Jump-Diffusion Kolmogorov Equation

Kensuke Arai and Hiroya Nakao


Nonresonant Entrainment between Detuned Oscillators Induced by Common External Noise

Kazuyuki Yoshimura, Peter Davis and Atsushi Uchida



Day II, Tuesday, September 18th 2007


Circuit and System Theory

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 09:00-10:20  Room: A (1520)

Chaired by: Yasunori Endo (University of Tsukuba)



A Fuzzy Estimation Theory for Available Operation of Extremely Complicated Large-Scale Network Systems

Kazuo Horiuchi


Formal Linearization for Time-Delay Nonlinear Systems Using Chebyshev Expansion

Kazuo Komatsu and Hitoshi Takata


Calculation and Formation of the Power Density Spectrum of Chaotically Clocked Continuous Discrete Systems

Marcus Hellfeld and Wolfgang Schwarz


Sparse and Passive Reduced-Order Interconnect Modeling by Eigenspace Method

Yuichi Tanji



Chaotic Neural Networks

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 09:00-10:20  Room: B (Segal)

Chaired by: Kenya Jin'no (Kanto Gakuin University)



A New Parameter Adjustment Approach for Solving Vehicle Routing Problem with Chaotic Neurodynamics

Takashi Hoshino, Takayuki Kimura and Tohru Ikeguchi


Relation between Recall Frequency of Stored Patterns and their Basin Size in Chaotic Neural Network

Kazuki Hirozawa and Yuko Osana


An Associative Chaotic Neural Network with Gap-Junctions

Masaharu Adachi and Kazuyuki Aihara


Sequences and Communications - I

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 09:00-10:20  Room: C (1425)

Chaired by: Pascal Charg'e (Toulouse University)



On Generation of Maximal-Period Chaotic Sequences Obtained by Discretized Chaos Maps

Daisaburo Yoshioka and Akio Tsuneda


A Deterministic Cellular Array Model of Reaction-Diffusion Systems for Parallel Generation of Pseudo-Random I.I.D. Sequences

Shunsuke Soga, Hisato Fujisaka, Takeshi Kamio and Kazuhisa Haeiwa


Analysis on Chaotic Sequence with Biased Values for Noncoherent Chaos Communication

Shintaro Arai, Yoshifumi Nishio and Takaya Yamazato


Performance of the Recovered Pseudo-Noise Binary Sequences by Independent Component Analysis for CDMA

Ryo Takahashi, Song-Ju Kim and Ken Umeno



Hybrid and Switched Dynamical System

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 09:00-10:20  Room: D (1600)

Chaired by: Toshimitsu Ushio (Osaka University)



WTA-Based Switching Strategy for Paralleled DC-DC Converters

Yuki Ishikawa and Toshimichi Saito


Bifurcation of Simple Switched Dynamical Systems Based on Power Converters

Yasuhide Ishige, Yuki Ishikawa and Toshimichi Saito


Local Bifurcations of Nonlinear Hybrid Systems

Quentin Brandon, Tetsushi Ueta, Takuji Kousaka and Dainer Fournier-Prunaret


Chaos in a Switched Dynamical System: Scicos as a Modeler and Simulator

Fatima El Guezar, Hassane Bouzahir, Tetsushi Ueta and Pascal Acco



SS - Numerical Computation with Result Verification - I

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 09:00-10:20  Room: E (1315)

Chaired by: Takeshi Ogita (Waseda University)



Inversion of Extremely Ill-Conditioned Matrices Using a Faithfully Rounded Dot Product

Siegfried M. Rump


A Class of Ill-Conditioned Nonlinear Algebraic Equations

Tetsuo Nishi, Yusuke Nakaya, Takeshi Ogita and Shinichi Oishi


A Computer-Assisted Multiplicity Proof for a Fourth-Order ODE on the Whole Real Line

Michael Plum


Enclosures for Scalar Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Vu Hoang



SS - Nano-Actuators and Applications

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 10:40-12:20  Room: A (1520)

Chaired by: Vakhtang Putkaradze (Colorado State University)



Dissipative Kinetic Equations and their Applications to Manipulations of Particles Using AFM Tips

Vakhtang Putkaradze


Dynamics of Single Atoms and Molecules Manipulated at Material Surface

Takashi Hikihara


Numerical Study of Atom Interchange on Material Surface under Periodic Force

Byungsoo Kim, Takashi Hikihara and Vakhtang Putkaradze


Switching Mechanism in a Nonlinear Oscillator: Targeted Transitions

Igor Mezic and Bryan Eisenhower



Prediction and Identification

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 10:40-12:20  Room: B (Segal)

Chaired by: Masaharu Adachi (Tokyo Denki University)



Prediction of High-Dimensional Multivariate Information as an Amplitude-Event Dynamical System

Naoki Yabuta and Tohru Ikeguchi


Recovery of Chaotic Signals Using On-line ICA Algorithm

Song-Ju Kim, Ken Umeno and Ryo Takahashi


A Time-Frequency Method for Chaotic Flow

Junfeng Sun and Michael Small


 [WIP] Robustness in Time Series Prediction Based on Local Orbit Instability Method

Hironori Sawayanagi, Jousuke Kuroiwa, Haruhiko Shirai, Tomohiro Odaka and Hisakazu Ogura


 [WIP] Quantification of Fatigue Degree from Pulse Wave

Hidenori Shigi and Hiroyuki Kitajima



Sequences and Communications - II

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 10:40-12:20  Room: C (1425)

Chaired by: Ryo Takahashi (RIKEN)



Optimal Spreading Sequences for Chaos-Based Communication Systems

Theodore Papamarkou and Tony Lawrance


Comparison of Chaotic Sequences in a Chaos-Based DS-CDMA System

Georges Kaddoum, Pascal Charg'e, Dani`ele Fournier-Prunaret and Daniel Roviras


Chaotic Modulator with Volterra Filter for Cipher

Kazuma Iwata, Tsuyoshi Nakamura, Toshiyuki Ikeue, Hiroyuki Irikura and Hiroyuki Kamata


A Cryptosystem Using Expansion of Chaotic Map

Shuichi Aono and Yoshifumi Nishio



SS - Consistency and Synchronization II

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 10:40-12:20  Room: D (1600)

Chaired by: Atsushi Uchida (Takushoku University)



Data Synchronization as a Method of Data Mining

Takaya Miyano and Takako Tsutsui


Time-Shifts and Correlations in Synchronized Chaos

Jonathan Blakely, Matthew Pruitt and Ned Corron


Synchronization Phenomena in van der Pol Oscillators Coupled by Fifth-Power Nonlinear Resistor

Yoko Uwate and Yoshifumi Nishio


Leader-Laggard Relationship of Lag Synchronization of Chaos in Mutually-Coupled Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers

Hiroyuki Someya, Mitsutoshi Ozaki, Takaya Mihara, Atsushi Uchida, Shigeru Yoshimori, Krassimir Panajotov and Marc Sciamanna


Synchronous Phenomena in Coupled Nd:YAG Lasers

Chil-Min Kim and Dae-Sic Lee



SS - Numerical Computation with Result Verification - II

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 10:40-12:20  Room: E (1315)

Chaired by: Michael Plum (Universitat Karlsruhe)



The Interplay between Nonlinear Analysis and Numerical Analysis for Semilinear Elliptic Problems

Patrick J. McKenna


LP Narrowing: a New Strategy for Finding All Solutions of Nonlinear Equations

Koki Suda and Kiyotaka Yamamura


Fast Computation of Approximated Error Bound for Harmonic Balance Method Using Algebraic Representation

Masakazu Yagi and Takashi Hisakado


Validated Computations for Fundamental Solutions of Linear Elliptic Operators

Kaori Nagatou


Numerical Verification of Bifurcating Solutions with Multi-Peaks for 3-Dimensional Rayleigh-Benard Convection

M.-N. Kim, Mitsuhiro T. Nakao, Yoshitaka Watanabe and Takaaki Nishida


Plenary Session – II

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 13:50-14:50  Room: B (Segal)

Chaired by: Kohshi Okumura (Hiroshima Institute of Technology)

Spatio-temporal Oscillations by Wave Bifurcation

Toshiyuki Ogawa (Osaka University)


SS - Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics to Infection Disease Dynamics

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 15:10-16:50  Room: A (1520)

Chaired by: Peter Borwein (Simon Fraser University)



When Two and Two Do Not Make Four: the Nonlinear Dynamics of Infectious Diseases

A.R. Rutherford


Scale-Free Model for Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Outbreaks of Avian Influenza

Michael Small


The Fractal Character of Space-Time Epidemics

Richard Crandall


Competition among Viruses at the within- and between-Host Scales

Daniel Coombs, Colleen Ball and Michael Gilchrist



Learning and Clustering Algorithms

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 15:10-16:50  Room: B (Segal)

Chaired by: Norikazu Takahashi (Kyushu University)



Clustering Algorithms Based on Tolerance Vector Concept

Yasunori Endo, Yasushi Hasegawa and Yukihiro Hamasuna


A New Working Set Selection for Decomposition-Type SVM Learning Algorithms

Norikazu Takahashi, Masashi Kuranoshita, Yusuke Kawazoe, Jun Guo and Jun'ichi Takeuchi


Self-Organizing Mapping that Considers Neighborhood Uniting

Mitsushi Yoshida, Daisuke Shima, Kaname Kurokawa and Hisashi Aomori


Gray Scale Display of Input Data Using Shooting SOM

Masato Tomita, Haruna Matsushita and Yoshifumi Nishio


Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory with Group Learning and its Applications

Haruka Isawa, Masato Tomita, Haruna Matsushita and Yoshifumi Nishio



SS - Complex Systems and Communication Networks

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 15:10-16:50  Room: C (1425)

Chaired by: Riccardo Rovatti (University of Bologna) and Gianluca Setti (University of Ferrara)



Optimal Networks, Congestion and Braess' Paradox

Raul Mondragon


Spatial Spectrum-Sharing Strategy in Cognitive Radio Networks

Kyungsup Kwak and Xizhi An


On Relation between Routing Strategy and Communication Quality in Wireless Multi-Hop Networks

Kazuyuki Miyakita, Keisuke Nakano, Yusuke Morioka, Masakazu Sengoku and Shoji Shinoda


A Bio-Inspired Algorithm for Performance Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Chi-Tsun Cheng, Chi K. Tse and Francis C. M. Lau


A Queue Model for Complex Networks with Adaptive Traffic

Stefano Vitali, Ljupco Kocarev, Riccardo Rovatti and Gianluca Setti




Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 15:10-16:50  Room: D (1600)

Chaired by: Tetsuro Endo (Meiji University)



A Dissipated Power-Based Analysis of Frequency Entrainment Described by van der Pol and PLL Equations

Yuuichi Yokoi, Yoshihiko Susuki and Takashi Hikihara


Synchronization of a Class of Second-Order Nonlinear Systems

Ana Paula Mijolaro, Luis Fernando Costa Alberto and Newton Geraldo Bretas


Synchronization Phenomena of Coupled Colpitts Oscillators Using Printed Spiral Inductors

Masafumi Nukushina, Takashi Kunihiro, Tatsuya Nanko, Masayuki Yamauchi and Mamoru Tanaka


Noise-Induced Synchronization among Sub-RF CMOS Neural Oscillators for Skew-Free Clock Distribution

Akira Utagawa, Tetsuya Asai, Tetsuya Hirose and Yoshihito Amemiya


Synchronization Phenomena in Hysteresis Associative Memory

Kenya Jin'no



SS - Numerical Computation with Result Verification - III

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 18th  Time: 15:10-16:50  Room: E (1315)

Chaired by: Siegfried M. Rump (Hamburg University of Technology)



High-Precision Arithmetic and Applications to Physics and Mathematics

David H. Bailey


Accurate Matrix Multiplication with Multiple Floating-Point Numbers

Katsuhisa Ozaki, Takeshi Ogita, Siegfried M. Rump and Shin'ichi Oishi


Error-Free Transformations in Real and Complex Floating Point Arithmetic

Stef Graillat and Val'erie M'enissier-Morain


Tight Error Bounds for Approximate Solutions of Linear Systems

Takeshi Ogita and Shin'ichi Oishi


Accurate Summation by Sorting

Yozo Hida



Day III, Wednesday, September 19th 2007



Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 09:00-10:20  Room: A (1520)

Chaired by: Yuzo Ohta (Kobe University)



An Investigation on the Absolute Stability of Discrete and Continuous Time Lur'e Systems

Roisin Duignan and Paul F. Curran


A Primal-Dual Beneath-Beyond Method

Yuzo Ohta and Masashi Tsumura


 [WIP] Control Dynamics for Redundant Manipulator in Three-Dimensional Space

Masanori Kano, Hisashi Aomori and Mamoru Tanaka



Neuro Dynamics - I

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 09:00-10:20  Room: B (Segal)

Chaired by: Yuko Osana (Tokyo University of Technology)



Automatic Methods for Motor Intention Recognition from Spike Rates

Jugoslava Acimovic, Alexandra Battaglia-Mayer, Roberto Caminiti and Martin Hasler


Complexity Analysis for EEGs with Symbolic Entropy

Ying Liu, Minfen Shen and Wallace Tang


Synchronization in Chaotic Spiking Neural Networks Using An Extended CSM-Scheme

Dai Maegawa, Kenji Murao, Kenji Ohno and Shao Jia


 [WIP] Synchronization in Coupled Morris-Lecar Neurons with Class I and Class II Excitability

Ryosuke Ochi and Hiroyuki Kitajima



Signal Processing

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 09:00-10:20  Room: C (1425)

Chaired by: Mitsuji Muneyasu (Kansai University)



Noise-Assisted Detection in Sensor Network with Suboptimal Fusion of Optimal Detections

Shin Mizutani, Kenichi Arai, Peter Davis, Naoki Wakamiya and Masayuki Murata


Nonlinear Prediction on Image Signals Using Radial Basis Function Network

Keisuke Narisawa, Takashi Hoshino, Naoki Yabuta and Tohru Ikeguchi


Sound-Morphing Method Using Constructive Morse Theory

Yoshinao Shiraki



Coupled Oscillators - I

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 09:00-10:20  Room: D (1600)

Chaired by: Yasuteru Hosokawa (Shikoku University)



Amplitude Death in Delayed Chaotic Systems Coupled by Diffusive Connections

Keiji Konishi and Hideki Kokame


Coexistence of Several Phase Synchronization in a Ring of Coupled Multi-State Chaotic Oscillators

Masahiro Wada and Yoshifumi Nishio


State Transition Phenomenon in Cross-Coupled Chaotic Circuits

Yumiko Uchitani, Ryo Imabayashi and Yoshifumi Nishio



Evolutional Dynamics in Social Systems

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 10:40-12:20  Room: A (1520)

Chaired by: Kangrong Tan (Kurume University)



Modeling Knowledge Sharing Portal Activities Using a Multiplicative Random Process with a Birth and Death Mechanism

Kenichi Arai, Takeshi Yamada and Yukio Hayashi


Replicator Dynamics with Dynamic Payoff Reallocation Based on the Government's Payoff

Takafumi Kanazawa, Hayato Goto and Toshimitsu Ushio


Performance Consensus Problem of Multi-Agent Systems with Multiple State Variables

Naoki Hayashi and Toshimitsu Ushio


Genetic Algorithm-based Parameters Optimization of Tsallis Distribution and Its Application to Financial Markets

Kangrong Tan and Shozo Tokinaga



Neuro Dynamics - II

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 10:40-12:20  Room: B (Segal)

Chaired by: Kenji Murao (University of Miyazaki)



New Measures for Estimating Neural Network Structures Only from Multi-Spike Sequences

Tohru Ashizawa, Daisuke Haraki and Tohru Ikeguchi


An Adaptive Observer Design for Biological Neural Network Identification

Yu Mao, Wallace Tang and Ljupco Kocarev


Significance of LTD Window in the Range of Positive Spike Timing of STDP Rule for Theta Phase Coding in a Network Having Background Noise

Jun Igarashi and Hatsuo Hayashi


Emergence of Self-Organized Structures in a Neural Network Using Two Types of STDP Learning Rules

Hideyuki Kato, Koji Han-nuki, Takayuki Kimura and Tohru Ikeguchi



SS - Nonlinear Speech and Image Processing

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 10:40-12:20  Room: C (1425)

Chaired by: Hiroyuki Yashima (Tokyo University of Science)



An Improvement Method of PAV Filters for the Removal of Impulse Noise from Highly Corrupted Images

Yoshihiro Kitaura, Masaaki Teranishi and Mitsuji Muneyasu


Robust Speech Recognition Based on Running Speech Spectrum on Critical Band Intensity

Nongnuch Suktangman, Kraisin Songwatana and Yoshikazu Miyanaga


Image Denoising for Poisson Noise by Pixel Values Based Division and Wavelet Shrinkage

Shintaro Eda and Tetsuya Shimamura


A Study on a Speech Recognition Method Based on the Selective Sound Segregation in Various Noisy Environments

Atsushi Haniu, Masahi Unoki and Masato Akagi


A Blind Restoration Model for Bone-Conducted Speech Based on a Linear Prediction Scheme

Thang tat Vu, Masashi Unoki and Masato Akagi



Coupled Oscillators - II

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 10:40-12:20  Room: D (1600)

Chaired by: Masahiro Wada (Konan University)



Oscillation in Cyclic Coupled Systems

Hiroyuki Kitajima and Yo Horikawa


Pulse Wave Propagation and Interaction Phenomenon in a Large Number of Coupled van der Pol Oscillator Lattice

Kuniyasu Shimizu, Tetsuro Endo and Daishin Ueyama


Phase Synchronization Control in Partially Unlocking Oscillator Arrays

Noriko Miyazaki, HisaAki Tanaka, Kuniyasu Shimizu and Tetsuro Endo


 [WIP] Investigation of Asymmetrically Coupled Chaotic Circuits and Chaotic Maps

Yukari Kowatari, Yasuteru Hosokawa and Yoshifumi Nishio



Physics and Mechanics

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 13:50-15:30  Room: A (1520)

Chaired by Kenichi Arai (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)



Terahertz Wave Oscillations in a Solid State Plasma without an Irradiation of the Laser Beams

Katsutoshi Kamakura


Further Investigation for the SVD-based Analysis of Dynamical Noise on Chaos

Masaru Todoriki and Shuichi Hasegawa


A Numerical Study on Invariant Manifold Related to Transition of Intrinsic Localized Mode in Coupled Cantilever Array

Masayuki Kimura and Takashi Hikihara


Nonlinear Dynamics of a Flexible Rotor in Active Magnetic Bearings

Jawaid Inayat-Hussain


On Analysis and Control of the Cart-Pendulum System Modeled by Discrete Mechanics

Tatsuya Kai and Yohei Yamamoto



Associative Memory

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 13:50-15:30  Room: B (Segal)

Chaired by: Yoko Uwate (Tokushima University)



Entropy Based Associative Model with Analogue Embedded Vectors

Masahiro Nakagawa


Chaotic Complex-Valued Associative Memory

Masao Nakada and Yuko Osana


Kohonen Feature Map Associative Memory with Area Representation for Sequential Patterns

Yuta Iwai and Yuko Osana


Recalling Complex Sequences of Patterns Using Neurons with Hysteretic Property

Johan Sveholm, Yoshihiro Hayakawa and Koji Nakajima



Circuit Analysis and Design

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 13:50-15:30  Room: C (1425)

Chaired by: Takashi Hisakado (Kyoto University)



Spice-Oriented Optimization Algorithm of Amplifiers -- Based on Nonlinear Programming --

Akio Ushida, Junji Kawata, Yoshihiro Yamagami and Yoshifumi Nishio


Imprementation of Design Tool for Class E Switching Circiuts Using SPICE

Hiroo Sekiya, Tooru Ezawa and Takashi Yahagi


Spice-Oriented Harmonic Balance and Volterra Series Methods

Takaaki Kinouchi, Yoshihiro Yamagami, Yoshifumi Nishio and Akio Ushida


Application and Estimation of Relaxation-Based Simulation Techniques to Interconnect and Plane Networks

Tadatoshi Sekine, Yuichi Tanji and Hideki Asai


 [WIP] An Electric Circuit Analogue of a Mathematical Model for Adaptive Transport Network in True Slime Mold

Yuta Kondo and Hisa-Aki Tanaka



Bifurcation and Chaos

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 19th  Time: 13:50-15:30  Room: D (1600)

Chaired by: Yoshihiko Susuki (Kyoto University)



Bifurcation of Nonlinear Spring Model of Self-Organizing Map

Haruna Matsushita and Yoshifumi Nishio


Bifurcation Analysis for a Simple Chaotic Circuit and its Coupled Systems

Akihisa Tamura and Tetsushi Ueta


 [WIP] Bifurcation of Inter-Spike-Intervals of a Chaotic Spiking Oscillator with Piecewise Constant Characteristics

Tomonari Hasegawa, Yusuke Matsuoka and Toshimichi Saito


 [WIP] An Analysis of Non-periodic Oscillation During a Learning of a Complex-Valued BAM

Ryuuichi Sasaki and Masaharu Adachi